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For 24 years I have been painting the unique landscape of Idaho.  Over 500 of my paintings hang in homes and offices throughout the U.S., along with some international clients.  Idaho is a land of tremendous diversity: high deserts, alpine forests, rolling foothills, rugged mountains, meadows, wild rivers, and agricultural valleys.   It is a painter's candy store.  

It is more than candy, however.  This land is evocative.  It reminds us of ourselves in its forms and contours.  It reminds us that we, too, come from ancient ancestors, taking a long time to reach the point of this moment.  Its vastness suggests the length of life, and its fragility reminds us of our vulnerabilities.  As light plays over its surfaces, we see the drama in our own lives and feel the excitement of being here at all.

This is why I love painting this land. 

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